At A Glance

Letrikon Engineering Sdn. Bhd. Was incorporated in year 1996, with our core business covering all aspects of electrical, mechanical and associated engineering services.

Letrikon Engineering Sdn Bhd is registered with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and Jabatan Bekalan Elektrik (JBE) as a Grade 7 and Class A corporation respectively. Letrikon Engineering’s core business covers all aspects of electrical, mechanical and associated engineering services for high rise buildings, airports, factories, hospitals, educational buildings, government administrative buildings, and etc. These were convincingly reflected in the image of the company which possesses an adequate technical team, who is professionally qualified with competent employees to adapt to projects high quality requirements.

We create an environment to bring out the best from our talented and dedicated employees. Their professionalism, creativity and diversity have been operating within the framework of our sound business practice, which is maintained and supported by a highly professional management team.

We are united in teamwork, entrepreneurship and a commitment to excellence. We foster our people to grow within a caring culture and strive in pursuit of a highly realistic corporate vision.

The tenacity and unwavering determination of our people are the very foundation that has propelled the Letrikon Group to greater success as the entire nation grows.